Hi Jenny - lovely story. Wonderful that you feel so much love inside :-)

This jumped out...

    "There is still some trepidation in knowing the soul as the only teacher I need...I feel a sense of aloneness when I contemplate this and watch as there is a searching for something more solid and sure seeming."

Remember a really important point: that at the heart of every distortion is a truth. Find the truth, peel away the distortion and it will set you free.

To me the truth here is that when you feel something inside, it always reflects outside. And if you can build a feedback loop with what is outside, then it will elevate energies ten fold. So there's a natural expectation that the inner would reflect into the outer. It's just that there's the risk sometimes of identifying the mirror we see in the outer as the subject of our feeling.

So the invitation is to see the reflection, express and work with it yes, but then always feel the energy building inside. Don't take your eye of the 'inner ball' - so to speak.

It means you're never alone, but you're always all-one.

Open *OK*