Hi Open,

At first there was just mud when I read this =) like WHAT?? but something got through when I left it alone for a bit. From what I hear you saying...the sense of aloneness is also the experience of all one ness when we tune in more deeply to the ongoing dialogue and interconnectivity. If this is what you mean, yes, I do feel on the edge of this experientially - though there is just this little piece that just pokes it's head up to see if I could possibly attach to just one really reliable person =) - I am just aware of a part of me that is not at ease with letting go of dependency and I keep making steps out allowing that little feeling to just kind of hang there.

Your response with regard to the inner feeling and the feedback loop turned a little lightbulb on but I am not entirely sure that I got it...It sounds to me that when these more subtle energies start to really get intense inside...for example in my class the other night...my entire torso was pulsing with warm, circular, loving energy - it grew so big that it overflowed in what felt like a natural expression of gratitiude. It sounds to me that in those times, the moment is inviting more than just an overflow...that I can build a feedback loop by bringing attention to where that inner feeling is being reflected outside...staying seated in the building energy and perhaps then it would be more clear how this energy wants to be expressed? Perhaps some patience too in containing the feeling and waiting for more clear right action?

Hmmm...I could probably use some refinement on this understanding!! =)

Thanks for your response!