Hi Jenny,

You said...

    "my entire torso was pulsing with warm, circular, loving energy - it grew so big that it overflowed in what felt like a natural expression of gratitiude. It sounds to me that in those times, the moment is inviting more than just an overflow...that I can build a feedback loop by bringing attention to where that inner feeling is being reflected outside...staying seated in the building energy and perhaps then it would be more clear how this energy wants to be expressed?"

Essentially yes. But I'd say there's a little piece of the jigsaw missing.

When we get overwhelmed by such feelings, that's where it's easy to get disconnected and lose oneself momentarily in a 'blind spot'. So as the energy overflows, it's easy to lose the source of the feeling and instead 'flow out with the feeling'.

So what I'd suggest looking at, is allowing the feeling to flow, but with at least part of your attention, make sure you stay present inside. Allow the feelings to express naturally as you did. But keep 'one eye' on the source. In that way, it should help to bring the energy in a circular loop back inside. Otherwise it just becomes a flow which ultimately drains and depletes.

Best wishes

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