This is a truly inspiring article and I am so glad you re-posted it.

Fiona - I don't recall reading your poem above before and it is incredibly touching and mirrors much of the feeling I experience (as I am sure many others as well!!) - thank you for those soul inspired words <3.

Recently I changed vehicles after 8 years...I was moving from a mini-van but wasn't sure what was replacing my surprise the best fit was a Pilot...and so here it was, the outward expression of what I have been feeling within...the letting go of the "mini" (me) and embracing the soul as the pilot.

I have also been experiencing some shifts with people I perceived as teachers and historically looked to for answers...I wasn't ready to know the soul as the teacher, and to release the dependency. I am finding their input confining and defining and this input communicates to me that I need help and that they need to give it to me... Recognizing and taking responsibility for how I drew those who would play the role of "my teacher" and now allowing that to fall away. Everything is a teacher....everything is showing me all the a mirror, not as a dependency. And thank goodness for the wayshowers as you so nicely put it Open, to share a perspective and allows us to see how that resonates, to see our distortions and our truth in the mirror, but never to tell what someone else's truth is or to "fix" them.

Much love and gratitude,