Thanks Open , for showing such a comprehensive picture of where we are and how we reached here.

This article sums up pretty much all the happenings and causes behind it. Incredible... Short of words to praise it.

Couple of questions, you talked about two possibilities for the society right now one is gentle way and other more chaotic. Do you think my thoughts around that gentle way doesn't help the current state of humanity and the way the people are brainwashed is a deviant thought ? I experience extreme slumber all around me and feel that an major awakening event can only break the slumber, otherwise most of the humanity will just perish in slumber. The delay of such natural events is only letting the matrix controlsystem to make the situation worse....and making the humanity suffering worse...may be a big event can awaken many... I am muddled on the path it is taking and timeline and how long it will go on. May be I am getting impatient.. Please throw some light

Also there was a search feature on the website which was very helpful but is not there any more. I was trying to get an article around transformation of pain.. As sometimes the thought of pain it can alll bring scares myself , and I found that article on transformation of pain helpful. Particulars the explanation of transforming the pain of child birth in that article was really supportive.

in India we touch the feet of somebody we respect or look up to, like of parents of teacher or of idols of gods. I feel like touching your feet sometimes.. Touching them through the ether.