Hi Open,

We have talked about this topic very briefly at the latest Five Gateways session in Budapest, but I would like to share my thoughts here as well as I find this matter somewhat confusing.

To summarize it very shortly, the way I read the above is that we were very living in happiness and harmony, when some kind of unexpected outer intervention pushed us, poor ignorant humans into darkness and slavery.
This sound very negatively to me and for me it is totally out of alingnment with the concept of 'all is one' and 'universal love and wisdom'.

What I think is the following, please let me know what you think about it.

The sense of darkness, struggle, disconnection is all a result of a higher plan, rather than a tragic accident. It is an experiential journey that we embarked upon by agreement to willingly experience separation so that we can experience the way back to one, having been agreed to everything we experience(d) at a higher level. Also, this is only an experience, we have never been, are, or will be truly disconnected from source, if we really were, we wouldn't exist.
From this point of view, what you call intervention is only something that served us so that we could experience this journey.

I wanted to share these thought because I find this a very powerful change of point of view.