Hi Barna,

Nice to meet you on the course :-)

And thanks for sharing. I can certainly resonate with your point of view in many respects. I think the important thing to note is that we're all going to have differing perspectives from the place we're at on the path and that those perspectives can be (should be) open to change and evolution. I can assure you mine certainly is.

So firstly, I agree, I don't see a 'tragic accident' for humanity (as you put it) either. I see that this challenging situation on Earth goes right back to the 'early hours' of the universe as presence loses itself in the illusion of reality. It has then manifested all manner of convolutions as a result of the confusion. And souls have 'elected' to come here, experience the confusion, unravel themselves from it, and in so doing, unravel the convolution in the universe that these entities now represent. Many souls have come here knowing the hefty degree of challenge beforehand.

I also see that humanity has drawn this intervention to it because of its own karma. Which in particular was lack of trust in the divine and therefore needing to control existence - so it created it's own mirror of control (the intervention) where the only viable solution forwards is to regain trust.

However to me, "all is not love". This is quite a distortion which is often spoken of in spiritual circles - I think lots of people have taken this on without really considering what it means. I think it happens when people move out of the place of fear and separation to then experience the extraordinary benevolence of the universe. They see that fear is really an illusion but then attach to love instead: just as they are not the ego, but then attache to the soul, when really the soul is simply a flowing experience of who they really are - which is pure presence.

Where do these particular distortions come from? Briefly there is absolute and relative truth. The absolute is pure presence. Everything and nothing. Pure potential. Presence is notionally subdivided into form - relativity. It's like there is a dynamic equilibrium: between pure potential and relativistic experience; between non-existence and existence; between pure presence and being. Ultimately it is an illusion (although a very real illusion!) since pure presence exists in and through the relativity - through the multiplicity of form (that's the best way I can currently find to describe it).

Practically for the relativistic - manifest - universe to exist at all, where there is one experience, there has to be its polar opposite. You cannot know hot without the experience of cold nor pain in the absence of pleasure, light without dark. You cannot therefore know love without it's polar opposite, which to me is fear.

At my point on the path, the polarity of love and fear, dark and light have integrated almost completely into varying levels of harmony. The universe is arrayed in densities varying from very disharmonious (where humanity currently resides) to ever greater levels of harmony (close to the source). So for me the sense of love means coming into a greater sense of harmony. The sense of fear has become instead moving into greater states of disharmony.

And yes, you can never be truly disconnected from the source in an absolute sense. But that doesn't prevent a soul from experiencing the sense of separation and therefore the suffering that goes with that. It replicates the 'eddy current' of separation consciousness that presence lost itself in as the universe took form.

So I'd say there's an invitation to understand and integrate at a deeper level the difference between the perfection of the absolute and the relativistic experience which creates the sense of polarity. To accept this means that we can process out judgments such as 'light' and 'dark', 'good' and 'evil'. There is simply a relativistic experience, then the invitation to integrate and evolve.