Hi Neisha,

Great to connect with you :-)

It is true that OC has contaminated the earth, and the earth's natural vibration. And also they have distracted people from the higher self by creating false bubbles of illusionary light. Here's an article with more detail on how this deception happens and how to deal with it...Deception on the Spiritual Path

Here are two of the main sections about what makes people susceptible and how to overcome it....

What makes people susceptible?

  • Lack of self honesty: this is born out of attachment to the need for an outcome (like to be successful or accepted). You can hear the quiet voice, but deny or ignore it.
  • Spiritual glamour: you may think you've processed out much of the ego. Yet an imposter of the soul can easily hide behind the mask of 'expressing joy and uniqueness', 'helping lots of people', 'healing the planet' or 'spreading love and light'. But is it truly selfless?
  • Lack of trust: not trusting in the flow of the universe and how cosmic consciousness unravels disharmony or injustice. So there might still a latent desire to try to 'take things into your own hands' rather than aligning with this cosmic unraveling.
  • Hidden desires: there's an authentic soulful yearning to fulfill divine service. But so often, 'imposters of the soul' hide within these desires, because you may not be fully satisfied with the void of emptiness - the abode of the absolute.
  • Insensitivity: especially in internet social networks, the spiritual journey risks becoming more an intellectual exchange of ideas - 'research' - rather than deep realisation. There's a looking for surface level satisfaction rather than the persistence of going deeper.
  • Lack of patience: the universe takes its time to unfold in its fullness. But society has conditioned humanity to quick and expedient fixes. Ever greater depths of patience help the soul to fully embody, which then shapes reality authentically.

How might you overcome Spiritual Deception?

  • Become the Void: first and foremost is to explore ones own being ever deeper until you touch the Void of infinite potential. When you find peace and contentment just the way things are, without need of change, then you become less susceptible to the glamour of a quick fix.
  • Test the soul: keep aligning with, attuning to, and testing the soul in every single moment. How does your soul speak to you? How do you recognise its vibration? But always keep testing this alignment against the question "is there a deep sense of 'rightness' with this behaviour or action?"
  • Tune into synchronicity: synchronicity is the objective mother tongue of the universe. If you accept totally that you are the creator of our own reality, then the mirror you manifest will surely tell you if you're going astray - if what you create causes inner tightness and subtle contraction.
  • Watch for repetitive patterns: if you're running a distortion (a conditioned behaviour), but you're being profoundly honest with yourself, then patterns of conditioned behaviours will manifest themselves. By the Law of Attraction you'll draw appropriate situations and circumstances to confront your limitations. Openly embrace these gifts.
  • Seek to move beyond self judgment: we all may mistakes! Non of us is perfect (at least not in an evolving being sense). So if you see that you've been caught in some kind of deception, self forgiveness and acceptance is key to mastering it.

I trust this helps.