I have watched the video about synchronistic flow a few times before but I was 'synchronistically" directed to watch it again now, click, click, click and there I was watching, no intention, no finding, just there.

It is so relevant to what is happening in my life at the moment and the way things are moving in a kind of flow. It truly felt like you'd made the video with me in mind specifically lol. I was doubting, enormously, that I was feeling anything, feeling pretty lost and sad and then I was led to watch this again and a whole new understanding arose in me so unlike the first few times I watched it.

I have been desperate to see 'signs' but still knowing that seeking them was not the way to go. I needed to feel to release the outcome of my situation, to let it go completely, something that mentally I knew to do but energetically was not understanding.....now I get it! My trust has returned. Everyday life and situations so often block the signals of the natural flow of things for me. It's like a roller coaster, I seem to have to ride it to the end before I can readjust and feel the flow again.

I love to listen to both you and Trin, you have such a way of highlighting and explaining all that I feel in a way that makes me say 'heh, you're so right!' It's a wonderful gift, of the stating the obvious but not, if you know what I mean :) and sharing it with others for their higher good and I love Openhand for doing that and facilitating changes in me for the better.

Thank you, please keep doing what you're doing x