Hi Open,
I feel the synchronicity of me been presented with " bullies" had plunged me into the density. I have gone deep into the tightness and I feel I'm coming up now. In my former life "the old Ruth" would have taken the path of least resistance that is with my ex husband and his controlling tactics I gave my power away so I felt safe,but the consequence were my self worth suffered. However now "the new Ruth" even though I have felt like giving up my job and running away due to similar behavior by a colleague I have confronted myself and my situation. I don't feel I have had total release yet, but I know I am rising up out of the depths of hell and Im releasing blockages and old behavior patterns. Been in the flow and having negative synchronicity is an amazing learning process when the penny drops. I asked myself why has this situation was been presented to me again what did I not learn from the previous time in my old life when I divorced my husband and also escaped his disapproving mother? I suppose the lesson is I was still attached to my old belief systems the same buttons were been pressed and I could be "bullied" or at least I thought I could. As I said I'm not there yet, but I'm not far from liberation as-well I can feel it! I don't think I shall have any more trouble from my colleague which is not only good for me, but for the rest of the team and maybe for her she has been given an opportunity for growth anyway that is her path.

Love Ruthxx