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Hi Open,

Yes, we are slowly making changes but they are still all in for all it's built to be. We did buy a small potted tree this year and will plant it after the holiday. The kids made all the decorations around the house out of paper and we made a few different raw vegan desserts together.

It's a good point you make of the festivities being real and authentic. I am working to not throw the baby out with the bathwater =). I dreamt last night that I was at an openhand gathering and a baby was hovering above my head and then dropped into my arms. I can see the autheniticity in the birth of the christ consciousness within myself and attuning to that.

Thank you for the supportive words and yes, I will keep making space for being me.

And of course, you too inspire me beyond measure to keep finding and being more and more of me! Thank you for allllll you are and give by being you so completely!

With love,