The article - so important and so timely :) <3

I am really finally feeling like living it, so the way you describe is very comforting, because I barely have people in my environment who experience life in this way. It causes some feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt sometimes. It is hard. It is challenging to be constantly pulled, disturbed, "tricked" by people, see it and the forces behind the scene, find my being in it all and then extract what I need to extract out of all this noise, and with that feel out what is right to do and do it no matter the reactions and frustrations of people involved. But I guess it is like a training? Strengthening of the inner connection, developing more and more trust and less and less doubt, really coming into presence.

Even though my self-trust is still shaky, I feel I have no other choice, otherwise it is like feeling being torn apart, when the soul is being kicked out or pulled out, in some way, and this is what is happening anytime I am going into a "false" mode. It is just not an option anymore. I immediately have to focus back. The clumsiness and confusion is going away, and really watching, listening comes in place. It is a big shift of attitude to what is going on and in a way of being in experiences. Being alone in this is very hard. So thank you so much for support and reinforcement, for the reminder that I am not alone!

And... I have a question about your comment. There was a period, after I had my heart expansion I went "into the tunnel", that lasted until recently, and there no matter how hard I tried and what I did I barely saw or felt any light at all, until it was completely gone. Then I felt I had to let it go, and was immersed in total darkness for a rather prolonged period of time. Retrospectively, I felt like I just gradually died in that dark tunnel with no light at all. It was a time of strengthening my faith without any signs of the "light" kind. I mean, it is easy to trust the obvious, and it can easily be intellectually created to rely on something when the real thing is gone. So one of the most important stages was to give in. Like I saw nothing but the dark, nothing but hell and hellish creatures inside me and around me. The whole universe turned into hell. And it is like really letting go all the good and nice, and making steps forward into the darkness, even if it means more horror and more darkness and more blindness. The steps I took for several months were made from darkness into darkness. I had no light at all! And the fall too... There is this quote about taking a leap of faith and finding a solid ground or wings to fly - nothing like that happened to me, I just got crushed completely and nearly killed. I can't see my fault in it, even though for a long time I thought it was all my fault. There was really no light or support in that process. And the miracle is that still, I survived, and I was pulled out of my grave through a place where there is neither consciousness, nor choice and no support at all. So maybe it is not always like that? Maybe sometimes, some of us need to surrender into the complete darkness and having nothing to rely on?

Retrospectively I can see and feel I was led and that I was never abandoned, but it was not my experience within the tunnel.

And the tough part was that I felt something was wrong with me, because of messages of this kind. I thought I was doing something wrong and was struggling to find the light and the good and to feel the connection, until I just let it go out of exhaustion.

So, focusing it, could it be that in some cases, for some time, there will not be any light anywhere in the tunnel whatsoever? I am asking it because I feel it is important to let know that this might happen and that it is okay too!

Thank you <3