I simply love this video below, which to me, depicts someone finding the multidimensional light. And I felt to focus on that today. It's about something the Hopi Prophecy said: "not to take ourselves (or the Shift) too seriously". In other words, not to get bogged down by the challenge, but instead enlivened by the adventure.

In my article above (do take time to read), I talk about the incredible joy of multidimensionality and entering what I call the "Dream space". I offer some pointers on how to access it...
Living in the "DreamTime" of Joyful Multidimensionality (scroll to the top)

I would say the key pointer is this: "you have to let something go in order to gain". What do I mean?

To enter the multidimensionality of the dreamspace, you have to let go a degree in order to gain. You have to let go of attachment and contraction around the physical - the fear of physical existential matters for example - to take a chance that somehow, if you let go, it will work out.

You have to let go of the need for an outcome or for it to go a particular way.

You also have to let go of intention - the mental configuration that 'you are going to do it this way'. Instead, soften the mind and open the heart into active attention - watch where your consciousness is being directed through the spontaneous landing of higher knowing or the heartfelt pull.

That's what I love about this video (featured earlier in the thread - thanks Anastasia!). It depicts a guy who is at times stuck in density. But then feels moved by deeper connection and dares to let go. In so doing, theincredible joy of multidimensionality comes through.

Watch the video, and then I challenge you to do something unpredictable today - just take off for an hour with no agenda other than to experience, other than to feel and lap up the divine possibility. Then share here what you enjoyed and what you experienced. What does it for you?