Well it's deep into the Matrix once more - how 'wonderful' Terminal 4 is at London Heathrow - yes it feels pretty terminal! As I sit here watching the flights departing for faraway destinations, I often feel the same way - smiling inwardly, I wonder just how on earth this all keeps going? But it does - a while longer anyway.

It is indeed a total afront on sentience. Yet I've discovered a neat way to 'be' in it - as a 'ghost in the machine'. Become as nothing and float right through. Works everytime.

The matrix is curious isn't it? So far removed from alignment - every choice one makes, no matter how conscious, still ends up damaging the eco-system in some way. And yet what a mirror too. Everywhere you look, you see exactly what you are not. In so doing, you see exactly what you are! That's why (in some ways) I love it too. Sort of!

What really inspires me, is the prospect of meeting like minded souls in far away places, who are also reading deep between the lines and seeing the flow of the divine - not just the divine, but the flow too. That's important - you can either be a bystander in this spiritual revolution or a catalyst of it. And when the flow is coursing through you, where else is there to be?

So I'm greatly 'looking forwards' (with centre firmly in the now!) to meeting 'the crew' down under. I love the Aussie energy - and there seem to be so many Plaedeians down there too... "fasten your seat-belt Dorothy!"

Speaking of which, I'll be boarding soon for a long flight to China. Oh if I could only take some of those cheap, plastic goods back!

Loving you


PS - it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but Radiohead sure gets the matrix. You've got to own it to break it down. You've got to pierce it to it's core with a deeply inquiring consciousness. If we keep doing this, one fine day will come when we just stand back and laugh at it. How did we all live like this? It can't be true can it? Then we'll smile to each other and the bubble will simply burst before wide open eyes...