Well after a humungous journey I've arrived here in Kiama for the first stage of the Openhand events here. To me traveling is important because it gives deep insight into what's going on in the world. Can it really be this out of alignment? Yes!

What happens for me is it stirs energies deep within. Yes there's the challenge of the travel of course, but you have to really see this and feel it that it may evoke energies of realignment and transformation. It's this which inspires the work for me in many ways.

And of course there's the beauty too, intermingled between all the craziness. Kiama has some breath-taking, natural scenery and a few minutes sitting close to rolling waves cleansed a good deal of my travels away.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest and preparation, building energies, opening deeply with the source, feeling the inspiration for how the work 'wants' to be presented. I'm greatly looking forwards to meeting the group.

Much love