Today I'll be setting up and getting myself ready for Five Gateways to commence. So for those who've not previously at attended one, what's it all about?

Essentially it's a journey through layers of inner consciousness, but it's so much more than what you might consider formal 'meditation'. It's an exploration. We set up the space through a deep and profound connection to the majesty of the source. It could best be described as opening a 'portal' to the source. By holding centre within this all-encompassing void of infinite potential, we then ripple that energy down through the dimensions and align the field in the working space. We become one with it. It's like we step into the source. It feels like home. This is the main aspect of the setting up - perhaps the most important part of the gathering - it's what makes the magic happen.

Then the main work with the guests is to invite them - encourage them - to progressively surrender into these various layers of consciousness. It begins subtly, softly, at the level of the intellect - where so many people experience life, where there are so many traps and illusions to ensnare souls. We'll present a model of reality, through the various levels of consciousness and cause people to explore purpose - why are we really here? What is the true purpose of the moment? Any moment? Through various self realisation exercises, and the continual unravelling of out-dated, distorted truths, the inner reality for which people have been variously attached begins to unwind and unravel.

A deep penetration of the moment ensues. With profound softness and deep inner intimacy, we expand through previously limiting layers and into the core of the soul. It's profoundly moving of course when you relocate a lost aspect of yourself. It feels like coming home after a long and tiring journey away. There is nothing more fulfilling, more completing than this.

People will surrender to varying degrees - depending on how willing and ready they are to let go of the fabrications upon which lives have been built. The portal will interrelate with their own guides, guardians and soul families, plus the angelic realms. Very quickly, the room is positively packed with spirit! We work with these angelic energies that participants may experience a deepening connection, resonance and trust with the truth that they begin to feel. In this 'vehicle' - an 'Arc' really - the journey progresses through the various densities, letting go of much unwanted baggage along the way. Fragments of beingness - lost soul 'gold' - are relocated and integrated as a deep sense of "aha, that's me!"

I love each one of these Activations. No two are ever the same. It's a privilege to meet new people venturing down the path, sharing the beauty and uniqueness of their being, working together, experiencing together and going deep into truth. To me, this is truly living. It's what I'm here for. Bring it on!

Love to all