Yes we did some powerful soulmotion - thanks for the reminder!

Five Gateways is always exciting, emotional and deeply revelatory - this one in Kiama was certainly no exception. It was a fantastic group, wonderful souls, exploring the true nature of reality, breaking the internal references to illusionary states that the false self so often dwells in.

I didn't get a chance this time to take any photos. At the conclusion, we were simply captivated by the energy that was flowing between us. Taking photos can sometimes pop you out of that loving flow. So you'll just have to imagine! (or come join us on one).

I did feel to share this wonderful picture though (that I found on the web) of the Kiama bay, just a stones throw from where we were working. It's a stunning coastline.

And yesterday the group arrived here at Govinda Valley for the level 2. I can tell you it's already kicked off with some powerful realisations, not just as individuals, but also a group purpose, which I feel given to share with you all in due course. It's quite simply a Message for Humanity - a "Message in a Bottle".

Here's a snap shot of Govinda's. A stunning location with a very rainforest type feel.

Love to you all