It's turning out to be a deeply profound trip here in Oz on literally many levels - which is why I've not had the chance to write much, but it felt appropriate to share one key aspect that's happening, especially as you've been talking about releasing entities here on the site. At a macrocosmic level, that can be done by opening portals - literally removing that consciousness from the Earth and at the same time, you could also be opening channels for evolving souls into new dimensions. It's immensely exciting work.

Some star souls are here to open such portals. It works like this: basically the universe is within you - all aspects of it, all dimensions. But mostly of course, the soul is in a particular density to learn some key aspects of self realisation. So you'll look inside and be working with physical, emotional, mental and eventually karmic density - of your individuated self. This consciousness is reflected into the outer world for you then to work through.

If you've already worked through these internal convolutions, then your consciousness expands and opens up to higher dimensions, where you begin to unfold and integrate finer experiences and subtlties. I'm not talking about leaving the body here - an "out-of-body" experience. This is where the soul takes a physical - external - journey on the astral planes mostly in the fourth density. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about opening up internally and locating the densities and dimensions, various cosmic locations, inside of yourself. When you can do this, you become a 'bridge between worlds'.

    So one could be sitting in a room, but accessing three realms of existence simultaneously. If one's able to master the internal convolutions and be calm, even though you're opening into all manner of moving energy, then you can start to ripple the energy of that higher realm out into the room. It's like one's own higher vehicles in the higher densities become active, here and now, encompassing the room and all in it. This is what I mean by opening a portal. Then according to the degree of internal sensitivity the occupants can access in their own fields, they're being activated to touch the aspects of higher self in those higher dimensions. It's utterly magical!

It's something that comes natural to me, having developed it for eons. So when you're sitting in a room and other star souls are beginning to open up to that too, it's so fulfilling. Very challenging though! Imagine opening up and suddenly being deluged with information and energy like an endless raft of internal tornados and tsunamis. The tendency is to want to close down again very quickly! (and most do until they can integrate the process over time).

And there's still another fascinating dynamic going on here. It's all to do with the continued Earth Ascension. I do believe this location in Australia is playing a key role in that. Especially since original humans were seeded here (and other key places) with help from the Pleiadeans. It's also a location that quickly drew the controlling intervention (the Opposing Consciousness). The surprise here at the retreat centre, is that we're experiencing some of the lower density consciousness out in the rain forest. It's very heavy - first density. What I call 'raptor consciousness'. In fact the forest has a very 'Jurassic Park' feel to it.

Of course this would be enough to (understandably) freak many people out! It's not what you'd expect at a retreat centre. But we need to realise that this energy is a part of our DNA. It is within us, no matter how one would like to suppress and deny it. It's the over consumptive aspect that revels in physicality. The sanitised version of it is what's driving the merciless destruction of the planet right now. And it's there, buried within, subconsciously shaping the choices that one makes until you actively work with it. Then it can be unraveled and stripped away to reveal your sovereignty once more.

So that's what I'm doing here with the group (gulp!). Activating the raptor consciousness aspect within an opening, multidimensional portal. Getting them to feel it inside of themselves, to notice the impact it has on their lives. Not to fear it but to embrace it. To penetrate deep into that consciousness.

I'm getting them to soften with the choices people often become addicted to. To acknowledge that, not to judge oneself. To embrace it. Then, and only then, can we transmute it into something more humanly authentic (it ultimately will lead to the divine being Divinicus).

So what's happening here, as we're doing the internal work, that raptor consciousness is activating, but also being drawn into the portals that are being set up. Then the energy is being relocated elsewhere in the cosmos - it's original source location in the constellation of Draco. Yes I know, it's a bit 'out-there', a bit challenging to get ones head around, a bit "Doctor Who-ish" but nevertheless, it's exactly what's going on.

So as these energies get stripped away from this realm and earthly location, it will mean that the 'playing field' becomes more leveled. It becomes easier for humanity to look inside and work with their own distortions caused by this energy. Assuming they want to of course - it's always a choice!

Thanks for tuning in.