I just wanted to say Thank-you Open from my heart for these really in depth explanations of how the Openhand work by opening portals and with respecting and working with the guides, soul families of people from all walks of life.This is very clarifying and reassuring to me.

I feel that portals are being opened inside of me through benevolent higher dimensionary intervention guides, blue ray energy, (not in a detached 4th dimensionary state like how I can so often feel with many fellow humans). But this is different, very different, amazingly different,where the light is descending within the density and change feels it is working in and through me and others......it's a powerful energy that comes and goes. I see energetic knots being unleashed.Trust in the unseen is what I am being told.Blindy,fearlessy and passionately.

''Basically the universe is within you - all aspects of it, all dimensions. But mostly of course, the soul is in a particular density to learn some key aspects of self realisation. So you'll look inside and be working with physical, emotional, mental and eventually karmic density - of your individuated self. This consciousness is reflected into the outer world for you then to work through''.

This is exactly fitting the energy with words, I can't find

Thank-you. What a wonderful evolving journey even through all this dark heavy density. Light can indeed be found even in the darkest of realms, if only we open our eyes and trust we can find the lightswtich. It sounds like a wonderful place that these evolving souls are residing in amongst many portals in Australia and within oneself.

We are coming home, that's it. We are only ever going home.
And sending the energy fully felt through being shown distortions back to their home, that somehow it no longer serves..their game/purpose is over.
Love and light.