I feel strongly to caution you Tess. Here at Openhand we've been trying to do that for sometime but as yet, it's fallen sadly on deaf ears.

I have no doubt that you're a star soul and can open into higher dimensions. I have no doubt that you're being influenced through higher dimensions and that benevolence is trying to work with you and develop this. However I do feel you're denying a lot within. I don't feel you're truly grounding your consciousness in this realm, which becomes quite risky when doing the higher dimensional work - we become open to interdimensional influences which can't be felt fully. When I've worked with you, this is what I feel going on in your field. I say this with all compassion, even though I know it will likely push buttons.

You said... "Trust in the unseen is what I am being told. Blindy."
No. Absolutely no.
This is the path to interference and intervention by unseen entities that may appear benevolent but are not. When I tune into your field remotely, that's what I feel is going on.

Learn to trust only in your inner integrity of experience. No truly benevolent source will ever tell you to blindly trust... only if you've first explored deeply the feelings through your own knowing, questioning deeply, unraveling deeply. If in any kind of doubt, dissolve the experience and watch if it reappears.

Especially in the higher dimensions, challenge everything. Keep challenging. Keep stripping apart. Only when the absolute core of it is felt in every cell of your being is it authentic.

I offer this in love