''Learn to trust only in your inner integrity of experience. No truly benevolent source will ever tell you to blindly trust... only if you've first explored deeply the feelings through your own knowing, questioning deeply, unraveling deeply. If in any kind of doubt, dissolve the experience and watch if it reappears.

Especially in the higher dimensions, challenge everything. Keep challenging. Keep stripping apart. Only when the absolute core of it is felt in every cell of your being is it authentic''.

This is EXACTLY what I have been doing Open, and have been doing for quite some time !

Actually, contrary I am feeling much more like I am grounding consciousness into the hear and now and am not doing higher dimensionary work, just living life and letting it unfold..? What you are saying isn't something I don't already know,or wasn't aware of, it's like I have shifted........and I am out that box........

I will think and ''feel'' into your words, but if I feel inconsistency or anything else, it's truly time for me to move on and follow the guide within

With love and caution Tess