Open, it never ceases to amaze me that your posts most always correlate to my current explorations and challenges. ...I get a real kick out of it! :)

These past two months, I have been struggling with identifying and removing attachments. I have been doing some big emotional and regression work in efforts to shed and clear myself emotionally (as well as clearing etheric implants). Just recently, it's been presented to me that my property (as well as surrounding properties) are hosting and attracting these energies, due to a malevolent portal.

I have been guided to live here and work with land, clearing these energies, but I have a hard time trusting myself--knowing that I'm being safe and connecting to the right guidance. I read your advice, but I have a very hard time DOING it. How do you "challenge" this energy to make sure it's benevolent?

Pleadian energy has presented itself, and I've been given the choice to work with it. I'm hesitant. I have been shown that I've transmitted in this life (as a voluntary pre-life contract) and also in past lives--doing much work for them. At this point, I feel like I'm being tested in "blind trust", as Teresa and you discuss. I go back and forth, as to what my answer will be from here. this the way Pleadians even operate??? I'm not sure it's in my best interest to continue. (?)

I know opposing consciousness is tricky--and could be preventing me from doing work to my highest potential. I feel like I'm doubting everything lately.

Open but always confused--lol,