I attended level one in Kiama and wanted to share how open has catalysed my ascension.
In order this is what has happened in TWO DAYS since the course:
I have confronted an ultimate fear for me again, death, the liberation from which surpasses all fear beyond comprehension.
I experienced the illusion of this reality as a means to realise my full potential, from which my laughter was beyond recognition.
I have remained in the void as the unidentified seer and have the privelige of witnessing the expression of this soul in all its magnificent beauty.
I have utilised a new found ability to cleanse my chakras,techniques I now find invaluable to turning up the volume of my soul.
I have become aware of a major block in my throat chakra which was distorting my verbal expression of authenticity. Now instead of controlling I may inspire by ..asking the question instead of telling the answer.
Through sychronicty and intuition I now have understanding of my disconnect from this place and my inner longing to return to my home a star within the orion constellation.
I am honoured and blessed with what is returned to me as a result of my new found expressions.
ALL THIS IN TWO DAYS since the course.
This is how open has catalysed my ascension.
May the gratitude I have be returned in full.
And may the vibrations from my elation be felt across the far reaches of the cosmos.
Onward we go!