Ah Zac, that's BEAUTIFUL... especially the laughter! hurray! You express how you feel so wonderfully.

Two years ago, I was numb I had pain I couldn't process, I was a shell. Katie (my wonderful sister) sent me the link to The Five Gateways and I cried through the whole film. I felt it all, it was like I was remembering a love beyond anything I'd known but had forgotten, which filled me with elation then instantly the pain hit at the feeling of loss or separation as I now know.

I have just finished Level One in Kiama and am so profoundly thankful for the experience. The weekend has now illuminated my path. It was beyond words for me I find it hard to find the right ones... A realisation, no choice, I heard my soul speak. It was a protected space to get inside my pain and FEEL it. Still integrating it all now, but with light/love coming in:)... work in progress.

Open, Trinity and all at Openhand...Thank you.