When I think about it Open , we always have a choice and that is how we respond , like an orange squeezer what comes out is the juice of what’s already within……..no matter where we are on our spiritual journey.
I do feel communication is a challenge with the Openhand so often.I do feel topic area sometimes leads the show. I couldn't feel the connection coming from the heart. So often we only encapture a portion of written words. The dynamics and complexity of the space between the spaces and what is in the midst of landing for a person can so easily get misunderstood /distorted.….For example how often do we read a text a second time and the whole tone and what it is saying may seem completely different.? We can read from the gut, later the intellect through mind feeing into higher mind and emerging into the heart source feeling …Very often words are simultaneously meaning or appearing as two different things.Words in actual fact have become quite meaningless to me.

What I feel to be important myself when being open to the realms of illuminated truth/opening portals is focussing on what feels truly ‘’benevolent’’, and what resonates with my soul frequency .. One of the essential keys of divine guidance which I also have a deep inner knowing is that it always leads us into ‘’self empowerment’’ which means trusting what ‘’we feel’’, and comes in a form of raising questions to activate our own self realisation. It never speaks in the form of ‘’do this or do that’’…..there is total freedom of space within divine timing of the natural state of evolution.
Our divine self only seems to wants us to master of our own soul and take the responsibility of all the divine choices presented whether coming from the mind or heart space-it’s all one in the end in any case , it all emerges. It’s about divine unification.

I also felt clarify and get my point across; I don’t need any analysis thank-you, I can always get a physchotherapist for that. I have been here to be me, to self realise, like a flower I blossom my own petals in my own time at my own pace.. Perhaps my choice of words was not as accurate as they could have been, for example my actual words were

‘’Trust in the unseen is what I am being told. Blindy,fearlessy and passionately.’’

The trust in the unseen is the ‘’original message’’. The blindy, fearlessly and passionately are my own human interpretations and not what has actually been communicated directly, just to clarify in case there was an misunderstanding.
It’s a bit like the bible and how words can get fabricated /distorted through the ages and through word of mouth, and to serve a particular audience for a particular purpose.The original message can so easily get lost and interpreted through our own filters especially when presented with interference and yes there was some degree of accuracy in what you said about interference, and denial . That’s what was happening as I felt it, i.e the two conflicting energies but I still was being guided to trust in what was unknown, in the unseen. It was based around a conversation earlier on during that day about trust. Benevolence was working, I could also feel another energy working through another being , and in the cosmic field, and into my field and the greater field.
Interference is inevitable on planet earth.….but benevolence is here to help us through.I feel this, I know this.

I do feel it’s about my own soul interpretation and well I am trusting in that and discerning with what’s basically no longer needed in my field.
I don’t need any answers……..because I have full trust that they will energe from within, I always have.

‘’If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite’’ William Blake