I think you made a powerful point Heather - no matter how polished the lens is, we only see partially. There's always more to polish, there's always ever finer levels of focus.

That's why no one here at Openhand will ever profess to lead anyone.

That's why we would never encourage anyone to trust blindly - in anything.

Within the Seven Rays of Divine impulse that make up the soul ray harmonic, is the "ray 3" - questioning absolute authentic reality. It's the questioning aspect of ones soul that is continually asking: "is this really real?"

You'll be moving into a creation or feeling guidance through a landscape, but I can tell you from my own personal experience, and in working with countless others, that unless this questioning aspect is continually engaged, then you end up in illusionary realities.

Which is why the Buddha said...

    Do not believe anything
    because it is said by an authority,
    or if it is said to come from angels,
    or from Gods,
    or from an inspired source.

    Believe it only if you have explored it
    in your own heart
    and mind and body
    and found it to be true.

    Guatama Buddha

That's why we believe in being catalysts only. We've worked hard to see clearly, and we are constantly refocusing the lens. So when we share a point of view or amplify some energy, to varying degrees, people find resonance, which is why they come.

But it is always their resonance they're finding.

From the heart