Tess, I just felt to share with you (and anyone else reading the thread) why you might think sometimes Trin and myself come across as harsh.

No one has anything against you - everything that is offered, comes from the soul, shared as compassionately as possible. But it is also the compassionate thing to do to call the truth as you see it. Of course there can always be an evolution of truth. But we do a disservice to each other if we're not honest.

In you're postings, you're often being quite strong willed. Like when for example you were strongly telling the community to "walk the talk". Which is fine. No problems with that. But if you're going to 'put it out there' so to speak, you have to expect that you'll be challenged if others like myself feel distortion in what you're sharing. As lead facilitators, it is our duty to challenge material that's presented here on Openhandweb, particularly if it has the potential to be influential.

People come here because they recognise the clarity of vision. It's constantly said, and thus we shoulder a responsibility to visitors. It's not to say we're the singular source of truth. We're catalysts and will call distortion as we see it and feel it through the ether. We both live by the same code, constantly observing where we too might be distorted.

The reason we will seem so challenging to you right now, is that we both see independently a very similar thing: firstly that you're not truly going into your lower density. There's an avoidance of it. It's mirrored by the pattern that you won't truly contemplate advice (from us - even though you frequent this site). When something is seen, you'll quickly cover up the exposure with the intellect (or at least your shadow will). This was also the pattern on the courses you attended.

Secondly, and probably much more importantly, you've said on several occasions you're blindly trusting in some higher guidance - some angelic being. This is something we certainly have to call. Because it just doesn't feel aligned in the way you're sharing what's going on and it has the possibility to be overtly influential.

Of course there's always going to be differences of opinion. That's why synchronicity is so important. It's the objective mother tongue of the universe - when we are prepared to listen to it. So you posted the Dove Video, the dove synchronistically being symbolic of the angelic realms. Yet behind this Dove (advert) was something with an entirely different nature - something quite deceptive, malevolent even. Do you see the synchroncity? In my inner knowing, it's mirroring what's actually going on in your field.

Which is why, for the benefit of you and the community, I spoke so strongly.

The two issues are related. In other words, if we're not truly in the body (which in working with you I don't observe you truly are), then the risk is you don't feel fully if higher communications are authentic. Energy can easily be inserted into ones field. Visions and thoughts can easily be implanted. But if you embody soul consciousness into every cell of your lower being, as a vibrational feeling, then it becomes very hard to deceive.

Star souls often carry the karmic issue of being deceived for this very reason. It happens a great deal. In many cases that's why they're here. To become fully grounded in truth. Which is also why the ray 3 "questioning authentic reality" is so important.

So everything offered here is done from the heart. But where people are putting out forthright views and we feel that it's not completely aligned, then it is our duty to call it. And that could be felt harshly. But it's simply a direct response to the influential energy. It's a mirror.

There is nothing personal.

From the heart