Thank you all for sharing such heart felt experiences. Since this song has touched me deeply the past couple weeks I felt to share as well. At what point is the outer world a reflection to perceived consciousness versus ones consciousness being pulled to another's field to reflect.. Then noticing the field around that seems to pulsate as it melds one into the other. Prefer not to get caught in specifics, yet concepts thought to have experienced presence through and let go of came back magnified ten fold. Watching an innocent young soul in a human body that was failing truly feeling the physical suffocation knowing impending death of the physical shell, clinging to my being with such desperation.. Pleading for my being to just stay as this presence was felt within as the recognition of distress was felt, choosing to go into/with was a conscious choice, it was felt deeply by this other soul. Writing that one feels suffocation, gasping for each breath as no words can escape, just the look in the eyes holding me close as I caressed her back and went into that space with her and just took a breath.. In and then out.. In...then...out...In....out....In........out..........In.................Out...........................In............................ Out...................
Slowly moving synchronistically with to ease the perceived aloneness, the suffocation that truly gripped as the body failed as family sat on the sidelines. I went into that space with and what was felt..... so much is occurring that just when it felt divinely graceful, much was accelerated to the point of awkwardness .. Yet again. There are no words anymore, there just are no words to convey it all/nothing
Thank you all for "listening"
Now today, that song is right there. I felt challenging to all of it in some way over the past two weeks and told "them" its not soft that its when one can stand firmly in the swirling chaos of it all with the proverbial staff grounded firmly within this realm then the centeredness creates a neutral resonance that pulsates. I was thinking what a luxury it must be to meet like minded souls who have at least the longing for greater awareness. I was processing so much that had been mopped up and absorbed from within the matrix that for the past 2weeks I would physically run listening to the entire Meteora album by Linkin Park until my shirt was drenched and my legs ached. When Numb came on, it was the last song, I felt some relief. To me the song represents stillness within the ever moving matrix that pushes, presses, pulls upon yet within the centeredness ones field exudes with more awareness as the skin is shed of its superficial value that is no longer reflected in what is "seen" with human eyes. Then it was time to feel more and strain the muscles on through and beyond the perceived exhaustion, as I am coming to know it truly is eternal.