Thanks for tuning in folks. This will be my last journal entry of the trip, as I sit here at Sydney airport about to embark on my 36 hr long haul back to Avalon - it certainly tests if there's any identity!

So many things have happened during the last 10 days. Certainly the most prominent for me was a very powerful synchronicity. Since my incarnation back in 2002, I've always known I was coming in with a crucial message at this time - about how the shift into the higher paradigm is going to happen. I can tell you I've seen this "Great Purification" which is due to affect the whole of mankind (and indeed all life on the planet). It's been such a challenge to digest and embody, even before I could possibly begin to share it. And how to share?

Just before the trip, I felt the time was fast approaching for me to begin this part of my divine purpose, and on the final session of Five Gateways last Sunday evening it fully landed for me, as an embodied knowing - a message. A final confirmation of a higher dimensional observation of the big picture, the direction of the underlying flow, how out of alignment mankind is, and so what the impact will be - a progressive and quite brutal breaking down. Yes, it will be a difficult message to share.

It's something I've been very reticent about, but the universe supports you in the flow doesn't it? So that evening I'd been invited out to dinner by several members of the gathering. At the end, they wanted to carry out a ceremony which they do every time they get together. They ask someone to write a message for humanity and seal it in a bottle. This time they asked me. They had no inkling that just a few hours earlier this very knowing had landed for me - that I was to share with humanity a vital message...

    "I'll send an SOS to the world,
    I'll send an SOS to the world,
    I hope that someone gets my,
    I hope that someone gets my
    Message in a bottle!"

In my heart I felt the synchronicity as a clear signal I'm being sanctioned to begin. So in due course, I will be doing exactly that - sharing what benevolence in the higher realms is seeing and calling.

I've known the message for some time, but how to share? Just stand up and say it? No. It didn't feel right. Apart from not being believed, it would only likely cause antagonism. Then I realised... "Share the message now only with those who have ears to hear. Share it with those who are drawn into the Openhand community and can resonate with it. Then trust it will ripple its way out when the time is right.

    How will you know if what I share will be the truth? You won't. But assuming I'm accurate, and I believe I am, then what I can say is this: for those that will hear my message, even partially, you will find yourself in the right place when the time comes and prepared with the right gifts. Although you may doubt what is offered now, the sewn seeds will ensure that you'll know exactly what you're given to do at the right time. It will become obvious. The time leading up to this is preparation time - as thorough as possible!

A big part of the preparation will be unraveling the Opposing Consciousness from within our own beings. The intervention is interwoven within the fabric of society and our very DNA. But it can be unwound with careful attention and persistent diligence - peeling away ego from the soul, watching carefully for those inner deceptions which lead people astray.

That's what Walking the Path is all about and this course was no exception. I commend everyone for looking deep within, daring to feel into repressed pain, peeling away the sediment of life and coming up shining, revealing wonderful aspects of authentic being that truly touched the heart...

    "I see your true colours shining through,
    I see your true colours
    and that's why I love you!"....

From my heart to yours