From Megan Smillie;

Dear Open,

Thank you for flying halfway around the world to facilitate back to back Level 1 & 2 courses in Kiama & Sydney, Australia.

Thanks for helping me shed a few tears and for showing me how distortions in the soul ray harmonics can make ones 'gifts' very difficult to shine through.

Thanks for holding a space that safely allowed expression, release, joy, transformation & healing for the souls on both courses. Kiama and Govindas will never be the same!!
Thanks for the music - your selection of songs touched my heart and helped me feel both joy & beauty and also sadness and pain.

There is pain in my heart as I write about my resistance to softening, fear of getting it wrong. I feel my self sabotage is coming through as I type. This entry has been typed, retyped, deleted etc because I so wanted to write something that was profound and 'conscious' and showed I got it.
The truth is I got some of it and so desperately wanted to get it all. So desperately want to soften, let go and say good bye to that karma, repressed energy whatever we wish to call it, that often has me striving, 'doing', creating then feeling sad, overwhelmed, out of control and so wanting to be someone else and somewhere else. The tightness has come over me again as I cant work out what is truth and what is fear and whether I am letting that little monkey rule the type writer.

I am sending love, sunshine and heartfelt thanks to you, Trinity, Lesley, Openhanders world wide and the Australian Openhanders who fastened their seatbelts and went for a ride down under.

XX Megan Smillie