Hi Everyone - have you managed to steal yourself away from holiday festivities? smiley

I felt to draw attention to this article today... Essential Importance of Taking Time Out in the Lone Space

The mind gets so easily filled with life's agendas that it's essential to get some lone space and strip away what isn't aligned or real for you. That's what I'm doing right now - taking some time on the Windswept Wilderness of Dartmoor in South West England. But I hasten to add, maybe you simply can't get away - that's okay. Nevertheless, do work to create some free space on your own for a few hours. It'll help cleanse the mind and allow your authentic creativity to come through.

I remember the great story of Eileen Caddy when she established the great retreat centre Findhorn in Scotland, which has now become a worldwide phenomenon. She had no space of her own, and so used to meditate in the outside toilet in the garden. It was the only space she could get, but it proved essential openness for what she went onto create...
Findhorn Foundation - Spiritual community, Learning centre, Ecovillage

So what will you be doing to create some lone space today, and what treasures might it inspire?

In loving support

Open heart