Open, this is a lovely invitation to all of us, particularly these festive days! Thank you. smiley And Dartmoor sounds magical and expansive!

Solitude and finding solace in aloneness has been my biggest ally for as long as I can remember.  Taking refuge in nature, be it near the ocean or deep in the woods, withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life has been an elixir of love.  Such an empowering invitation to create shifts in our life, the shift of choosing aloneness as a way to uncover oneness and express ones soul! The inquiry is: How does aloneness feel in the arms of the Earth and the Skies?

At the same time I have encountered phases in life when accessing nature within a big city made it very difficult for me to occupy ‘another’ more natural space. Or there are times when you are with others in a social/public place or in the middle of a very busy road/neighbourhood/office etc and taking time ‘alone’ feels like it is impossible! So the inquiry then transforms into: What does aloneness mean now?

My favourite poet David Whyte so eloquently says:

To be alone is not necessarily to be absent from the company of others, the radical step is to let ourselves alone, to cease the berating voice that is constantly trying to interpret and force the story from too small and too complicated a perspective. Even in company, a sense of imminent aloneness is a quality that can be cultivated.

Right now we may live in a city where the sounds, smells, sights feel disturbing and invasive. We may not have access to nature in the form of a park or even a bush. We may not even be able to travel in a nearby oasis. Then the inquiry invites us to ask: How do I tap into sweet aloneness here and now? Being present with the sky or the moon or a patch of grass or soil has been a way for me. Or even when that’s not accessible dropping into the silence already present within my body often allows for a sweet expansion to what really matters.

And oftentimes of course solitude is imposed – felt as if it’s not chosen - and in effect, is tinged by anxiety and loneliness. We can then inquire: How can loneliness transform into the sweetness of aloneness? Im fascinated by how a shift here can emerge because particularly these days a lot of people can feel very lonely for many reasons. Sometimes what can turn loneliness to aloneness is to look around and feel what one appreciates in this moment and tap into it.

I feel ‘to be alone’ is indeed a fascinating journey, a dance of the soul! It is to shed layers upon layers of conditioning, to be committed to let the story go and to explore uknowness and immense rawness. And it is a labour of self-love and love for all. So I am off to dance aloneness first in the gym – yes in the gym! - then deep in the woods and finally on the conscious dance floor with other souls dancing to rhythms of solitude and solidarity.

May your day/s be a blessing of solitude and solidarity.smiley