Hi Aspasia and Open. Thank you for such a wonderful community. It took me a while to find out what I have is the biggest gift in the world. living so close to the nature.

Open says:"It reminds me how lucky one is to be able to appreciate this - but then it's not luck at all really!!! It's simply commitment and persistence...."

I am so blessed for having a small garden for myself. when I go out I look for a treasure collecting them and placing them in the house. This is another way of being with nature at home.

And when I am back in the capital city with no blue sky then this is the time of challenge. The challenges are to not forget how far I went which to be honest is not easy. Most of the time I stay home and do nothing 
So I try my best not to go there but sometimes there is no choice. last year My husband and I made a tiny space in my parent's house for few plants. It helped them to take time out and talk to their plants sometimes. Make me happy :)

Now anytime I go there and feel overwhelm with the things happening in this city I make time to just watering them cleaning them and playing with the soil. It is not comparable with what I have in my own house but it is enough to help me go through the rest of the day with grey sky. 

I always love to take time out and try to create some painting from trees which I love specially in autumn. I am very happy to find Openhand. It is my time to start something extraordinary in my life and I think I took the first step.

Freedom Of Wind