The Openhand work program has finished for another year - for those not in the know, our course program runs like a year in an educational establishment, from September to July. August is a month of replenishment and deepening. This time the flow has called me into my 'cave'. I just love the idea of heading off into the wilderness and staying beyond the ties of the matrix to some cave somewhere, just as the mystics and the sadhus have done for centuries.

The Universe has decided this time for me to create my 'cave' in my room. So I've cleared away any unnecessary clutter, added some poignant sacredness to my altar, stocked up on sage and begun last night with a moving meditation ceremony, calling in the elders and those who support in the ether. I'll be fasting and meditating until I've achieved what is necessary. I felt a divinely sacred connection with the swami Sri Yukteswar, who dropped in to join me for a while from some higher dimensional 'cave' somewhere, which was a shear delight.

I find these personal retreats essential to prepare for new stages in the Shift and the new year that kicks off in September. At this point we're also entering the 'lions gate', which for some as yet unknown reason seems to have particular significance this year.

I will be tuning into the web once in the mornings and once in the evenings. I find that the Openhand web work is a natural extension of the deep inner space, so providing I contain it, then it won't detract from the depth of my 'cave'. Maybe you're also inspired to take some time out in retreat? Feel free to tune in with me for whatever unfolds from this experience. I can tell you it's already a deep pleasure.

Here's a sample of a new piece of meditation music I've been working with to get you in the mood...