Hi Open,

I am also about to set off tomorrow to a cave somewhere in the forest myself to just sit in meditation for at least a week, after a little nudge from you last week Slightly Smiling. The past weeks have been quite rough for me, so I am a little anxious about what might be arising there, while I don’t have the normal distractions to dampen things or anyone to pick me up when I completely fall apart. I am intermittent fasting at the moment, with just lunch and dinner, and right now that feels enough in combination with the lone space, but who knows once I have started I might feel a pull to take it further to only one meal a day and fasting otherwise.

I am going to go offline in my cave, but I will be tuning into Openhand through the ether and will probably share about my experiences once I resurface!

I love the meditation music by the way!