I'm well into day 2 of my 'cave' experience, at home here on Dartmoor. In fact my heart longs for some distant cave somewhere. But for now, it will have to suffice in my imagination!

Yesterday evening brought me into quite a challenging detox. Although I've lived only plant based and mostly organic for some 15 years, nevetheless, we still pick up plenty of toxin from the environment - especially heavy metals. So yesterday I took some wormwood to begin cleansing parasites from the gut, and betonite clay, which is deisgned to remove any compacted food waste (see my detox fast for getting rid of muccoid plaque). Since I don't have much of that at all, if any, the bentonite seemed to start drawing toxin from the brain, because my head was very painful and achy last night. So my feeling is to switch to zeolite, which is a volcanic powder and extremely effective at removing heavy metals - such as the Aluminium oxides from chemtrails.

Right now I'm feeling extremely relaxed and other worldly. There's an expansive sense of lightness. However the body is feeling pretty depleted. I'm waiting next for prana to infuse it more fully. So that will be the ongoing inquiry.

It's feeling to be highly beneficial. I find I can still do a degree of internet work, but that's greatly contained - with a clear boundary. And with that, I'll close!

Wishing you all well out there in your 'cave' somewhere

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