Dear Open ,

I must be from Sirius because I feel like I have been whacked out of alignment in the last few days . To add to the very disorienting time ,the 16 hour fasting window is so hard! I am unable to sleep and I am feeling deep RAGE going through me. I have had volcanic eruptions at most family members and in the rest of the time have been feeling completely out of sorts. I am listening to Solfeggio frequencies , meditating best I can and also going for long walks . Today in my condo we had a Kabir ( Sufi saint ) session and after singing a hymn I felt somewhat better . Deep frustration is bubbling out of me and karmic processing is at a high ! 

I am writing this just so that other people experiencing this know I'm feeling as crappy 😄. 

Feeling very much like a lioness on rampage . I am feeling burning up and down my spine and in meditation am shaking so hard I feel I might break something 😄

Lots of love to everyone through the ether. I feel like crawling Into a cave and riding this one out !