Hi Marije,

Greetings - nice that you tuned in. When you sit like this, all the machinations of ego will come up. And stresses and strains in the body too. It's no problem not to be fully fasting. Just that the process will take a degree longer - so be patient with yourself, and accept what comes up just as it is. Whatever arises will be right for you at this point. And I'd say sitting for 2 hrs is quite an advance - most would struggle to sit for half an hour without distraction. So do keep going, do keep digging in, and it will all be worthwhile Heart

Hi Megha - we're right there with you dear. Yes intermittant fasting will bring stuff up for sure. Because the layers of the bodymind are not so placated by the density of food. And planetary alignments will then impact too, if you're sensitive in the body. Again, be patient with yourself and use the lion energy to push through. Stability will return. And if you can withdraw for a couple of days, that would be good. Big bundle of love your way. Heart

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