It's day 5 for me fasting in my 'cave'. It's been a powerful process thus far. Some deeply embedded stuff from childhood came up, programmed into layers of the body from high intensity sport at an early age. Rowing 6 days a week at the age of 12 might not be the best for the formative body! The pain in my back and shoulders at times was so extreme, I couldn't lie down or sleep. This is the nature of deep fasting and inquiry, where the soul is fully embodying. However, by the completion of the fourth day, with the help of a friendly massage, it all subsided, and I was left in a serene place, where I could sit for hours just looking out into the garden, watching the birds and the trees and the sky. A short walk down a country lane was simply divine.

What prompted me to begin this fast was breaking my front tooth eating corn on the cob last Sunday. Of course that wouldn't nornally happen, but this particular tooth had been knocked out in a karate session some 20 years ago. Funnily enough, I'd been thinking about getting it replaced - how the Universe works for us!

It brought up another subject that's been close to my heart for some considerable time - that is breatharianism, where you stop eating completely and live purely on prana. I believe the energy finds it's way from the 4th density body into the endocrine system in the brain and so replenishes the body from there. As the purging subsided, I could feel this process kicking off for me. Right now, I have no desire to eat, nor even to drink, I could readily go on like this. I know it would be blissful. HOWEVER, what I've also found is that it's quite hard to engage with the outer world. Even writing this short piece on the internet is quite an effort. I feel very removed from it all, and the idea of travelling around the world, in planes, trains and hotels to give workshops, would be extremely challenging. So after some contemplation (and a degree of sadness), I decided to leave my cave and begin eating again, but gently, perhaps a smoothie to begin with and see how that goes.

I have to head into town now to see about getting my tooth fixed - that's going to be a journey and a half!
But with the help of the odd metaphysical 'dragon' I'm sure it will all work out just fine.

Sending love to you all out there.

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