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I am feeling a little better today so can reply without ranting 😄. 

Firstly in your case since the mind is the challenge it will of course put you through hurdles before you can get past it into feeling . That's what it sounds like to me. And I was definitely hoping you peek out of your face too 😄

I completed another 16 hour fast today morning . And it definitely puts a spin on things when one resolves to stay with the sensation. The rumble in the belly ,the weird sensations in the top of the head. I also made it an entire day without biting anyone's head off ,so I am Patting myself on the back 😄.

For me it is right now about surrendering again and again to the feelings coursing through me without needing to know the why of them . There are too fast and thick to me to be able to formulate a story though mind tries very hard 😄. Allowing ,softening and observing these are way harder for me when there isn't food to distract me. 

Thanks Open for the empathy. I may not be able to head anywhere ,but I am finding small pockets of time and space for myself . And that seems quite lovely for now . Today I watched the clouds flow overhead . And just felt at peace . 

Lots of love to you both !