Wow how amazing that you shared that! Both of my kids especially my 4 year old son absolutely LOVE that song, especially the very first part - and sing it ALL. THE.  TIME...

AND, my extended family is on our first day of vacation today. This picture was taken earlier this afternoon of the newest addition to the Circle, my niece - and I made a meme out of the picture, adding some words to it just a few hours ago....


I literally had just looked up the meaning only a few minutes before logging on here... they translate to:

”Here comes a lion, father
Oh yes it's a lion.” 


And, when I clicked your shared video link, I totally forgot, but my phone was connected via Bluetooth to a small speaker that was providing the vacation soundtrack for the whole family - so the song itself was blasted in full glory in a magical moment with a bright sun gently setting over three generations of family playing together in the pool. 

It was spellbinding! Thank you !!