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Hi Marije,

Yes, sometimes we have to take several bites at the cherry before the full fruit is embodied.

And this can lead to self judgment at why you didn't bite all in the first time around.

But you can't stop the Universe from creating. And you probably had to feel exactly what you're feeling now, hence having manifested it. Sometimes there are things to learn from the old reality right up to the closing point. From my perspective having witnessed your journey these last few years, you've made huge progress and transformation of beingness. So you haven't 'spoiled opportunities' and everything has brought you to this moment.

I witness frequently that 'windows' open or corridors of opportunity. I wrote about them in the book 5GATEWAYS. If you miss a cycle, then after a while (which could be a couple of years) new circumstances configure to present essentially the same challenge/opportunity for powerful change - a gateway. I'd say that's where you're at right now. Do you really not have the underlying directive on where to go? And so what if you just went with the strongest feeling and took a risk? Maybe it would challenge the mind? Maybe it has to! The gateways are not there to be made easy. Or else consciousness would not grow, it would not forge.

"How many hours do they have to spend blowing the lawn?" Once you know you've fully let go, and it still occurs, now you know it's time to move. I wonder how much they blow the lawns in Africa?

Sending much love

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