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Dear Dagmar ,

So much love to you my gentle but strong friend. I am so glad to know my ranting helped somebody find the courage to fast. Currently I am managing 4-5 days a week of 14-16 hour fasting . I wouldn't say that the discomfort has become better but it's just as you put it ,more room for the discomfort within me . That means I start with the knowledge it is going to take some doing but that it is okay ,every single day. It also means that I am slowly but surely slowing down. I have to . Also there seems to be many parts of my day or routine that are seeming pointless. I am letting go of them and instead making much more time for reflection ,yoga and gentle walks in nature . 

Internally ,best as I can describe it ,stuff is breaking down. Walls are breaking down within me ,that's what it feels like. And weird stuff is happening .   I was quoted in a small article and somehow an opportunity to talk to someone on TV about Climate Change and its effect on physical health may be coming up. 

I have found my voice . There are opportunities coming up everywhere to talk,write about stuff that means something to me especially climate change . It's strange and wonderful ! 

The next step is going toward a 24 hour fast . Now that will be interesting I think. 

Lots of love to you Dagmar and hugs via the ether ! ❤️💕❤️