Having not had much of a break from the various twists and turns since the pland-mic shenanigans began, I'm taking off in my camper for the next week communing with our blessed mother Gaia, but also taking stock of how the field is shifting and morphing right now. I can feel lots of change and plenty of insight is landing already. Especially what i see as a new era of finance emerging in the world - based on quantum computers. Unfortunately I do feel the shadowside will install a new system to own the blockchain, which may make some of the emergent cryptocurrencies obsolete - unless they're able to add value through smart applications, such as ethereum. This is all just beginning to land at the moment so I feel to share more on that after my break through a Facebook Livestream.

I will share snippets from my adventures here on Openhandweb so do stay tuned.

Much love to all

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