Hi I haven't read the article yet but the headline has really struck a nerve as alone time is something I never get anymore. yes I am reaping the results of my actions and learning important things that I hope will help me transcend my bondage, physical, mental and otherwise. As a gregarious introvert, that alone time is as you say essential, and I haven't had it in just over 10 months now. I can steal snatches of alone time at work when I go out to my tree on my break but its still a hiking area so people still come and go. and once winter comes I won't even have that. plus my living situation is not good as I have no separation from the upstairs person who is an alcoholic who does not understand boundaries and is always here and always listening and watching. I'm perfectly aware that this is all karma I owe and I guess I can't go until I transcend my anger and anguish but its getting harder all the time and I so desperately need a break but I feel like I'm in prison and I won't ever get out. I don't even have enough time peace or even energy to get a meditation routine established and I keep getting pulled back into the density and then have to spend my weekends trying to find the light again which is still difficult as there is very little peace here. every morning I have to continue with this false life finds me in tears and I understand this is all for me to finally transcend my painful childhood which I just keep repeating over and over but I've come to the point where I'm just defeated and sad and reactive. I've definitely gotten better with listening and presence but I can't shake the frustration and anguish and ego reactions to other peoples pettiness which I'm probably attracting but haven't figured out how to change. I know there's a way out through myself but its getting harder and harder and im just so tired. I feel like I'm getting further from the door and will lose it. I just don't know what to do I feel like they've got me trapped and I don't know how to get out and I'm in pain and can't even take care of myself properly. i cant see the light. any help would be so appreciated. and while I'm here if I can ask: do you think my marijuana smoking habit is helping or hurting? it helps to change my perspective and not sweat my situation so much, but I'm worried its disrupting my sleep and especially my ability to dream which is where I get lot of my insight from...could that be why I'm so stuck? I thank you so very much.