no comments as yet?!?!?!?
well, let me break the ice then...
i do stand by the Openhand message, however hard it might seem to digest... but it's not even a bitter pill though certainly medicine.
to me.

and to dear Open, thank you for talking about it. yes, standing by and support the process as a result of the "breaking news", is the only way. timing is crucial, personally as well as publicly of course. but i know how much consideration you've given already to this, how to best share what you in your heart know as true.

in my work i do have to face the doubts about sharing truth too, it is such a hard responsibility, to be able to say what is "written" (in the deepest logic and flow of a personal story) without saving them from going thru their own unravelling and confrontations...

we cannot/should not save anyone from his/her own fate, especially not from his/her mistakes (on reality even). we can say it and share it and let them sit with it or walk away.
and there always is a chance we are wrong. ;)

sorry to not really react to the content of the article, probably because i'd known it from you for quite some time, and what (to me) stuck out the most was the brave step you take about sharing in public too now.
love and support,