Thank you for your bravery and vulnerability, Open. I have been anticipating this article, and I whole-heartedly welcome your perspective.

Processing this information does bring up fear for me to process. I can't help my mind from wondering to what this will all look like when our karmas/actions finally reach our doorsteps.

It's obvious that we are well-past the tipping point, but only a small few are even paying enough attention to realize it. What will it take for people to come to the same conclusions? And what will they do when they're realized? What will unfold? ...scary thoughts for me. I don't like admitting it, but there's a sadness and hopelessness for humanity that makes me wonder what This is all for sometimes. I can somewhat conceptualize that it's for greater purposes/soul and planetary karmas/universal good... I know that on a deeper level, but, in the brink of processing the possibilities of your conclusions, it sucks! (lol) It just makes my heart hurt.


I appreciate this article regardless. You're doing wonderful work. Keep it up. :)


p.s. That's beautiful ^^ Rayko. Wow.