I would like to also acknowledge Trinity's soft but powerful contribution!
I'd express here my deep resonance with the feelings and thoughts that she brings (pours) into this picture too. Not only by her video in this thread but how her soulful commitment to pointing in the direction of right balance in our world through conscious communication, and empathy towards our fellow inhabitors on this planet. Without her, I am sure, this article, or part of it for sure, would not have been written in the same way or maybe not at all.

Back to the idea of RIGHT balance, if I may... and thanks to Trin's subtle energies for bringing in the idea...

The whole idea of (re)alignment is (to me) very feminine (i.e. yin energies in both gender)...

S.t.a.t.i.c. balance is a fallacy... A giant conspiracy to keep us feel we are continuously f*cking up and falling short... With an attitude like that this process we're discussing here will be very hard to go through.

I mean we might have to redefine our concept of that and make a brave step towards continuous alignment (inner and outer)... I'd say a rigid idea of balance keeps us falsely "safe" (and maybe as a result, reluctant to change).

We are made for the ebb and flow. Personally, but as a species as well. How about letting ourselves be seduced by an idea of disequilibrium and giving ourselves something more true and real? Maybe even more earthy (or in earth's harmony)?

If we think of this transformation which (fear or not fear, i have no doubt in my heart about it) we'll all go through, we better not wait to fall off the tightrope. We might try to lose balance -- to a (not too comforty) degree; -- from time to time; -- at least as much as we are able to??

And/or we can fly as well. Out of safe balance. Free.