Thank you Reka for this inspiring video. I have been thinking about how many of us human souls would not personally choose to destroy this planet or make extinct lots of other species.
But still we choose to incarnate, to experience things we otherwise would not.
To maintain relationships with the unseen, with nature, to feel pain as well as love.

For some reason us humans are so able to adapt, i felt that if someone would make me choose between not being reborn at all or to be born on a planet that is inherently toxic and hostile, i would still choose the experience of being alive and falling in love, having friends etc.

So what is that, we don't willingly choose to be born in these hybridized, badly adapted bodies on this planet that is destroyed faster than ever before, but we still do, in the billions.

There has to be something to it.
My personal feeling after being bombarded with news about global destruction by fracking, geoengineering and radiation had gone to a state of acceptance, like nicolas cage at the end of the movie knowing when he knew it was time to let his child leave.
When i watched Elizabeth i was reminded there is a lot more to humans, regardless of the external circumstances.
So thank you.