Dear Open,

I have been wallowing in a little bit of heavy energy lately and I appreciate the reminder inherent in your message. As silly season is now in full swing it has been so easy for me to become trapped into the fear based emotions and even as one who has been consciously walking this "awakening" path for some time, I recognise that I am still susceptible to dropping into this "heavy" state. I remind myself that for those who are less awakened to this realignment, how difficult it must be and that instead of intolerance, the true depth of our compassion is what should show.

As Christmas approaches, the inevitable reminders to repent for the end is nigh, have made an annual return. Post-apocalyptic expectations of instant salvation long awaited, begin surfacing in the mass consciousness, and even I find myself hoping for a fast food approach to shift. While I recognise that we have the innate ability to shift into a new paradigm of conscious realignment, I know that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done by those of us who are able to contribute to this actively. The wisdom of your words inspires me to stop striving and soften into allowing.

I feel that I have just passed through an emotional test, albeit not with flying colours! Rather than chastising myself I congratulate myself that as "bad" as I was, I would once have been "worse". A shadow has lifted from me and I anticipate that the next challenge will allow me to transition with even more integrity. I trust that in good time, the critical mass will be surpassed and the higher paradigm of conscious existence will manifest for all those aligned with this different energy.

In love